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Vite as an alternative to webpack-encore in Symfony applications

Geplaatst op: 25-10-2022 10:08:28

Vite is the fastest frontend build tool at the moment. Webpack-encore integrates perfectly with symfony applications. What if we could have both

Frontend PHP Symfony Vue

Context Receivers in Java?

Geplaatst op: 18-10-2022 10:32:12

Je kunt in java iets doen wat ergens wel op context receivers lijkt. De belangrijkste reden om dat te doen is om de code leesbaarder te maken. De nadelen zijn verwaarloosbaar. Je moet wel even je collega’s inlichten, want ik geef toe, het ziet er op het eerste gezicht niet java-achtig uit!

java kotlin pascal

Multithreaded Rust: kies je channel!

Geplaatst op: 13-10-2022 14:01:32

Stel je voor dat je de woorden in een bestand moet tellen (aantal per uniek woord). Het eindresultaat in het geheugen is dus een Map met als key het woord en als value het aantal.

channel java

Combineer IT-vaardigheid én wiskundig inzicht met programma’s die voor eindgebruikers vertrouwd zijn

Geplaatst op: 07-10-2022 10:30:16

Combineer IT-vaardigheid én wiskundig inzicht met programma’s die voor eindgebruikers vertrouwd zijn

Excel Python XLWings

The Safety Net Of Good Version Control

Geplaatst op: 27-09-2022 09:37:00

Keeping track of every app in development, testing, and production is a challenge that many businesses face. With so much manual work, as well as the risk of errors, it’s no wonder that companies are finding new ways to manage their version control.

app development tracking software version control

Domeinlogica vermijd afhankelijkheden met hexagonal architecture

Geplaatst op: 21-09-2022 11:04:14

Durf dus eens een ander patroon te gebruiken, bijvoorbeeld de hexagonale architectuur. Dit draait de rollen om: je business laag wordt centraal en alle andere niet-domein specifieke lagen daarmee afhankelijk van de business laag.

domeincode domeinlogica hexagonal architecture

Responsive photography on the web—the right way

Geplaatst op: 12-05-2022 09:11:00

A modern, high quality website deserves great photography—but websites are responsive; photographs are not. How these two come together is always an unavoidable compromise. Until now.

Stick figures and Picasso’s or how to justify good code

Geplaatst op: 10-05-2022 20:43:00

Asking myself “Why did they build feature X like this and not in an easier way?” “This code will work, but in the future edge-case Y will break it” or the classic “Why did they reinvent the wheel?”

Creating your custom font kit (icon font)

Geplaatst op: 06-05-2022 08:30:00

Learn how to use your custom font kit for icons.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) 101: a quick rundown for newbies

Geplaatst op: 18-04-2022 09:00:00

What is AIoT and how does it benefit us?

Top AI frameworks and machine learning libraries

Geplaatst op: 08-04-2022 08:00:00

Get a better understanding of the various AI frameworks and Machine Learning libraries that separate good software developers from great ones.

The 5 Scrum values: What are they and why do we need them?

Geplaatst op: 06-04-2022 08:00:00

These values have been proven to boost the power of Scrum, improving decision making and team dynamics, and creating a great workplace environment.

The ethical dilemma behind AI technology development

Geplaatst op: 14-03-2022 08:00:00

Globally, concerns have not only arisen with how AI technology will be used, but also with who makes the decision on how and when to use it.

Machine Learning as a Service — What is it? Who are the big players?

Geplaatst op: 09-03-2022 12:30:00

Tech giants are now providing machine learning as a service to businesses across the globe.

Best web development frameworks

Geplaatst op: 04-03-2022 17:00:00

We’ve made a list of the best web development frameworks for frontend and backend.

Top 5 industries benefiting from IoT

Geplaatst op: 02-03-2022 12:00:00

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already benefitting our lives in one way or another. But some industries are leveraging it more than others.

The challenges of software integration

Geplaatst op: 24-02-2022 09:00:00

We’ve made a list of the best web development frameworks for frontend and backend.

software integration

Living on the Edge: What is edge computing and why do we need it?

Geplaatst op: 09-02-2022 09:00:00

Edge computing could solve slower storage and speed bandwidths, caused by the rise of the IoT and smart devices. What is this new computational paradigm?

How to avoid beginner programmer mistakes

Geplaatst op: 04-02-2022 09:16:38

What are the biggest mistakes new programmers make?

Frontend trends for 2022

Geplaatst op: 02-02-2022 09:00:45

Looking to get a head start on the latest frontend trends? We’ve got you covered.

AI trends

Geplaatst op: 26-01-2022 08:00:00

We investigate how AI will continue to disrupt society in the near future.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Trends and predictions

Geplaatst op: 17-01-2022 08:00:00

We compiled a list of the most promising RPA trends poised to make waves in the future.

The career path for a software developer

Geplaatst op: 15-01-2022 09:57:00

What does the future hold for a software developer? We explore some possibilities.

Blockchain: what is the hype all about?

Geplaatst op: 13-01-2022 08:20:00

The uses for a transparent, verifiable register of transaction data could be endless.

Programming languages that are worth a second look

Geplaatst op: 03-01-2022 10:00:00

Here's a quick list of programming languages that are set to drive development.

AI vs RPA: what’s the difference?

Geplaatst op: 15-12-2021 08:00:00

Find out the what key differences are between these two upcoming technologies.

How to consolidate your e-commerce tech stack

Geplaatst op: 08-12-2021 08:00:00

Looking to upgrade your e-commerce tech stack? We got you.

Hyperautomation 101: what is it and why is it important?

Geplaatst op: 01-12-2021 09:00:00

Hyperautomation is set to become widely used across large-scale enterprises the world-over.

Developing for AR: a quick crash course

Geplaatst op: 15-11-2021 10:28:00

The WeAreBrain design and development team shares their insights from Augmented Reality development.

10 important e-commerce trends

Geplaatst op: 12-11-2021 09:00:00

We take a look at the top 10 emerging trends still set to make an impact on e-commerce.

Algorithm inequality: AI’s impact on the future of work

Geplaatst op: 29-10-2021 09:00:00

Algorithms might have an effect on how we progress as a society.

How businesses can reduce their digital carbon footprint

Geplaatst op: 01-10-2021 20:00:00

Did you know that a single internet search releases 0.2g of CO2 into the environment?

How technology can put an end to fashion’s poor sustainability

Geplaatst op: 01-09-2021 08:00:00

Some emerging technologies that can make fashion more sustainable.

5 books on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation

Geplaatst op: 23-08-2021 11:33:00

We made a selection of some of the most interesting books about Artificial Intelligence.

The future of work: a look at what the job market of tomorrow might look like

Geplaatst op: 05-07-2021 13:03:00

As the 4th Industrial Revolution looms, what will the job market of tomorrow look like?

How 5G rollout is poised to be a game-changer

Geplaatst op: 10-06-2021 08:00:00

Just how much of a game-changer is 5G likely to be? We discuss the impact of this technology.